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Are YOU driven by providing performance-based clinical
outcomes and do you thrive on personal and professional development?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then this could be your dream job!

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The ideal position to jumpstart your career

Take the first steps towards experiencing your true calling as a healthcare provider



Extensive clinical training so that you can become one of the best in the field



Learn how to be a true leader for your patients so they can achieve the best results



Grow your mindset with our 1:1 coaching so that you can achieve what you have always desired from your career

Do you have a passion for True Health?

If You’ve Got An Endless Passion For Providing Exceptional Healthcare, You’re Super Skilled In Interpersonal Relationships And You’re A Lightning Fast Learner, You Might Just Be The Person We’re Looking For.

What we do

We are a Sports Chiropractic Clinic that focuses on keeping people active by combining Chiropractic Care with Advanced Soft Tissue techniques and Physical Therapy

Who we serve

We serve patients at different steps of their health journey, they might have just started working out or they might be competing at a national level. Most of our patients have a passion for fitness and health and understand the value of keeping themselves injury free

About You

You’ll know if you are the ideal candidate to join our team if you:

  • Are incredibly enthusiastic and ambitious
  • Are extremely emotionally intelligent
  • Are super accountable for your outcomes
  • Are passionate about the treatment of soft tissue injuries
  • Thrive on personal development and appreciate the value of feedback
  • Absolutely want to grow and reach your full potential
  • Demand excellence of yourself and those around you
  • Are exceptionally motivated and exude a positive energy
  • Are willing to commit to excellence
  • Are highly resilient and adaptable

This fantastic and unique role is a full time, employed position that reports directly to the Owner of the practice, while also working closely with other key members of the team.


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